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I spent a few hours today and hacked, and I do mean hacked, together a quick iPhone App to consume the OData feed for PDC 2010.  Since the turnaround is way to quick to push something like this through the app store, I've pushed to code up to github for anyone to download and play with. 

You can access it at:

I will in no way claim that this code is good, that it manages memory well or does anything other than "work".  But if you're heading to PDC10, and have an iPhone and an Apple Dev account download the code and party on!  Also note that I'm fairly new to iPhone development, and coming from over 8 years with .NET I'm still definitely cutting my teeth on this new platform. 

In order to get the code to compile you will need the OData iPhone SDK, which you can download at:

Follow the install instructions that come with the SDK to re-configure the project to point to your install of the SDK.  The header and library paths on the Project info are currently pointing to a folder on my machine, as well as the binary for the library. 

Also this is my first time pushing out code to github, so hopefully I didn't royally screw something up.

Have fun and see you in Redmond!

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