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I've been setting up and configuring my brand new Toshiba M700 TabletPC, a very nice upgrade from the M200, though lacking in screen resolution.  The main reason I went for a larger Tablet was for the performance to run Virtual PC images.  This was great until I noticed that the ibeam cursor in all of my virtual machines would disappear.  This is extremely disconcerting especially since most of my work is in Visual Studio, where guess what, there is an editor that displays the ibeam cursor.  Not good.

This issue appears for me on a variety of guest operating systems (Server 2003, Vista) using Virtual PC 2007 SP1 on a Vista Ultimate host.  I don't know if it is a Virtual PC issue specifically or a combined problem between bugs in video card drivers and an issue in Virtual PC itself.  I can take the exact same virtual image and put it on another computer and run it with no issue at all.  So there is definitely something with the combination of hardware and software causing the problem. 

I spent most of the morning on this issue and finally found a satisfactory resolution for my specific case.  Bottom line, if you run an M700 with the "Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family" adapter "Mobile Intel GMA X3100" mosey on over to Intel's web site and download the latest video card drivers.  The version that comes with the M700 and is available "officially" from the Toshiba site is:  Intel however has a newer version:  There are some tricks to getting it installed since this is an Intel release and not supported by Toshiba, but here is a link to a forum with all the info you need:

Toshiba M700 - Video Driver Update

  1. Basically download the latest zipped drivers from:  Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family
  2. Extract the zip files to your tablet
  3. Manually update the driver following similar instructions to:  Intel Manual Driver Install  Note that you may have to select the option to "List Available Drivers", and then select "Have Disk" on Vista, otherwise it'll just tell you that the latest drivers are already installed. 

After you reboot you'll get a series of requests to run .exe's.  This is because they were downloaded from the web.  Track each one that prompts to be run.  Copy those .exe's from the system32 folder, unblock them (Properties -> Unblock), and then copy them back into the system32 folder.


For those running a different piece of hardware or can't upgrade their driver for whatever reason here are some other workaround suggestions to getting the problem temporarily fixed:

Disappearing Cursors in Virtual PC

These all are workaround and don't really solve the core problem. 

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