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Now this is some good transparency-like information:  Feature Status in Windows Form in Visual Studio 2005.  Thanks to Chris Sells for the original link.  (Be sure to check that out for lots of cool VS 2005 info, including the new Express release betas.)

After reading through the status list I saw: 

Rafting Poor

That explains pretty quickly why there are some weird issues with docking of ToolStrips and MenuStrips in the CTP of VS 2005.  If you just draw the rafting container background and move the toolstrip around you'll end up with the regular old blue gradient background, not your cool custom rendered background. 

(BTW don't try dragging the ToolStrip around in the code I just released for the CustomRenderer, there is definitely a bug there that crashes the app.)

Also I'm not sure if the MenuStrips are supposed to be dockable, but at this point they stay achored to the top.  Not that I necessarily think draggable menu's are great from a usability perspective, especially to new users, but it's something not there.

I have to say good job to MS for adding this piece of info out on the web.  Helps to give us a much clearer picture of the state of different areas of VS 2005. 

Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2004 6:02 PM .Net 2.0 | Back to top

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