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Just got back this evening from the Microsoft Security Summit in Anaheim.  Once again Microsoft had some great content and presenters.  I'm amazed that they had an entirely free event that included breakfast and lunch!  While not the quality of TechEd, it was certainly on par with the $75 DevDays we attended in LA. 

My one grip about the day though was that all of the content was a virtual repeat of a previous MSDN security event at a local movie theater.  While the information was definitely good, it would have been nice to have a little warning that the content was going to be reused, and the same exact slide decks shown.  It was nice to have Michele Leroux Bustamante (the San Deigo area RD) use her own demos for the 4th presentation.  Even though she ran out of time there was some great content in what she showed. 

I don't know if there's any way that Microsoft could provide a little better information on what is coming.  I might have known by reading the session absctracts a little better too.  It is always good to see another perspective on the same content though, as each presenter highlights what they see as important. 

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