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As has become customary in the blogsphere here is my introductory post giving you a little background for the future posts on O(geek).

I am a software developer working for a local city government for a city of about 37,000 residents.  We do all of our new projects in .NET, and have been using the platform since .NET 1.0 went RTM February of 2002.  Of course an MSDN subscription was in order at that time so we could download the release bits ASAP, instead of the terribly long wait for CD's. 

I began my programming career in High School, learning, as most programmers do, BASIC using Microsoft QBasic.  Luckily I also learned at the time Visual Basic 3.0 was around, so I could take that new knowledge directly to the Windows world.  The first “big” application I wrote was with a friend, where, in Asteriods style, the user was an IBM PC that was required to fend off the invasion of Apple Machintosh computers.  This game was of course simply another jab at our friends who actually used Apple computers in the 90's. 

The Apple vs. IBM rivalry kept us quite entertained at lunch each day.  Of course the favorite discussion was the relative merits of OS/2 and Windows NT with theit preemptive multitasking, protected memory and 32-bit architectures, and how this compare to the Mac OS at the time.  This was also the era of the Windows 95 launch, and while we did attempt to argue for the new operating system, some of the obvious “features” of this platform didn't typically help in the discussion.  Amazingly I really did have a laptop at this time with OS/2 installed for a quick jaunt into IBM's interesting world.

Those were also the years of swearing never to own an Apple computer, while of course today I have a G5 and iBook surrounded by too many Windows based PC's.

As I have heard echoed may times on .NET Rocks I have to say I absolutely love .NET.  As a former ASP developer ASP.NET has revolutionized my day to day work.  Windows Forms have given an amazingly clean and highly productive API.  (I was one of the brave...or stupid who tried to learn C++ and MFC at the same time.  Hungarian notation for al its merits during that time is confusing as hell for a beginning programmer.  lpszptrobjlbltxtMyVariable, means what?!?  Not that MFC was all that clear to someone who didn't quite grasp OO concepts.)  It is very refreshing to have an easy to use, powerful, and object oriented platform on which to build new applications. 

Hopefully this will be my resting place for a while.  I started a blog on Blogger before TechEd, only to realize Google dropped support for RSS.  I also have done the moblog thing for TechEd with pictures from a Canon S410.  .Text should give me what I need for a while, now just to get the domain name pointed to this new blog. 

Also wanted to give a *big* thanks to Jeff Julian for running this site.  It's nice to have a .Text blog available and for such an amazing price!

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