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I’m a programmer, Im approaching 40, and I’m fairly decent at my job – I’ll keep doing what I’m doing for as long as they let me! So what are your career options if you know how to code? A Programmer could ...

Marko Apfel,

Motivation LINQ (language integrated query) is a component of the Microsoft. NET Framework since version 3.5. It allows a SQL-like query to various data sources such as SQL, XML etc. Like SQL also LINQ ...


Edit on April 10, 2014: A lot has changed since I started this now out of date post and Microsoft has created and updated the authentication system to ASP.Net Identity. Please look at this first. Here's ...


While creating the table you can see a data type called Serial or BigSerial (Note that these two options will not be available when you modify a column thats already created. You can see these options ...