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There are scenarios where Silverlight client calls WCF (or REST) service for data. Now, if the data is cached on the WCF layer, the calls can take considerable resources at the server if NOT cached. Keeping ...


My wonderful wife Annie surprised me with a cruise to Cozumel for my fortieth birthday. I love to travel. Every trip is ripe with adventure, crazy things to see and experience. For example, on the way ...


A Good .NET Quiz ... Whilst casually surfing today afternoon I came across a good .NET quiz in one of the indian software company website. It is rather a general technology quiz than just a .NET quiz because ...

Kate Moss' Open Space,

Whenever we format a disk volume, it is a good idea to name the label so it will be easier to categorize. To label a volume, we can use LABEL command or UI depends on your preference. Windows CE does provide ...

Bill Evjen,

I think back to the days of the first versions of Visual Studio (when it was called Visual Studio .NET, remember?) and I think about how far Microsoft has come with this IDE. It really is the best IDE ...