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George Clingerman,

This week was a busy one for the XNA Community and one that had a series of ups and downs. You might have noticed by now (or maybe you haven’t and I shouldn’t be pointing this out..) that I tend to only ...


There are two new SVN packages for Windows: Ankh SVN 1.2.10129 - Tortoise SVN 1.6.14 If you are using SVN for source ...

George Clingerman,

Even with a lot of the XNA community working on Dream Build Play entries ( I swear I’m going to finish mine this year!) people are still finding time to do side projects and be amazingly active in the ...

Marko Apfel,

LINQ und ArcObjects Motivation LINQ1 (language integrated query) ist eine Komponente des Microsoft .NET Frameworks seit der Version 3.5. Es erlaubt eine SQL-ähnliche Abfrage zu verschiedenen Datenquellen ...



Hot dog. IE 9 just hit the download sites this week. I have been running it for a few days and its really sweet. It seems much faster than IE 8 and many other browsers and its got lots of cool features. ...



The final release of IE9 "hit the stores" (just download it free from here - http://http://www.beautyoft... Enjoy new features like pinning, jump lists, and aero-snap. Of course, IE9 is also ...